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Trash Can 101
What Should I Consider When Buying Trash Cans?
There are several things to look for when shopping for trash cans.
Strength  – Garbage is heavy. Your trash cans should be strong enough so the bottoms won't fall out or buckle under the strength of your garbage. Rubber trash cans don't usually strain under the weight of gallons of wet garbage, while metal cans don't crack if too full.
Comfort – When you lift the trash cans, do the handles dig into your hands? At the store, they're empty. When you bring the cans home and fill them with garbage, will you be able to carry them down to the curb without having to wear gloves?
Ease of Use  – Can you carry your trash cans down the driveway? Trash cans are heavy enough when empty; when they're full they can be downright impossible. Carrying loaded trash cans can hurt one's legs, back, arms or shoulders.
Tight Lid  – A lid fitting snugly onto the cans will keep smells inside the trash cans where they belong.
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Trash Can 101
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