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About Us
How often do you find yourself in the kitchen hands full and fumbling for the trashcan pedal? Or maybe in the bedroom with a baby in one hand and diaper in the other? Nine Stars Group has the solution for you! Nine Stars Group is the first company that adopted and successfully patented and manufactured the motion sensor technology onto trashcans. Once in range of the sensor our sensor operated trashcan will automatically open for you and once out of range of the sensor will automatically close for you. Hands free, foot free, stress free!

With two owned factories in China and an office in Pomona, CA, we strive to provide you with excellent and innovative new products year in and year out. It is also important to note that our products are manufactured using high quality materials and workmanship which ensures the durability and longevity of our products. Our goal is to bring you a cleaner easier way to dispose your trash and recyclables!!!

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